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Meet the Staff - Sarah!

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When you come to our Grand Rapids location, you might be greeted by our newest addition to the Lee and Birch team - Sarah!

Full of energy, curiosity to get to know you, and skill to match you with some great clothes, this Grand Rapids native is ready to help. After having spent time working in Chicago, New York, and most recently Ann Arbor, Sarah has a wide variety of skills and experience she brings to Lee and Birch. Get to know her here and in store :)


Name: Sarah Louise Winslow

Nicknames: “W”, “Swins”, “Blueberry”, “Dubs”

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Loud, Loyal, and Loving :)

L&B Brands You Can’t Live Without: AG Jeans, Hudson, Weston

Favorite Season and Why: Fall. The clothes. Duh.

Meal of Choice: Chili or chicken fajitas (with ALL the fixin’s!)

Why You Love Selling Clothes: Everyone who comes into the store has a need and I really like being able to hear their story and to be a part of helping them find exactly what they are looking for. I also love being able to understand a customer and bring them a piece of clothing or outfit they didn't even know they were looking for but that completely makes their day!

Secret Talent: I’m a really good whistler. Like. Seriously good.




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