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Holiday Gift Guide: Nicole's Picks

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Meet Nicole,  a member of our Sales team in Grand Rapids.

Coming up with my 5 favorite gift ideas was a struggle because I LOVE everything we have in the store right now (by struggling I mean should I get this as a gift or for myself)!  Here are a few ideas that are sure to please everyone on your gift list! 

1. A Slouchy Sweater: Oversized sweaters are on trend this season which I love! A cozy piece that can be dressed up or down in a snap, plus will add a ton of warmth to an outfit. You really can't go wrong with a cute, practical piece like this!



2. Lat & Lo Coordinate Jewelry: These custom coordinate necklaces and bracelets are new for us this Holiday season and have been a hit so far! Anyone who calls Grand Rapids/Grand Haven home will be thrilled to receive a Lat & Lo piece! PS Spring Lake items will be arriving shortly!!


3. Tokyo Milk Handcreme: I love Tokyo Milk handcreme! There are tons of amazing different scents and it works like a charm to keeping your hands moisturized during the dry winter season! I know I'll be using these as stocking stuffers this holiday season. 



4. An L&B Gift Card: I know, a little cliche but I love getting gift cards because they force me to get out and get myself something nice that I normally wouldn't buy!



5. Cimber Designs Bracelet: The scientist in me loves these unique natural stone bracelets. Looking for a gift with shock factor? One of these gems will do the trick!



Happy Shopping!




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