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Post St Patrick's Day Brunch

Forget the bars, stay in and bring the fun to you this St Patrick's Day with these healthy, naturally green crepes and pear mimosas. Leigh Ann, one of our L&B staff, tried out this fantastic vegan and gluten free recipe at her brunch party with great success! Leigh Ann is infamous for being a bad cook, so it was difficult finding the perfect recipe that was simple and versatile, since she and many of her guests have food allergies. She consulted her boyfriend, who has extensive kitchen experience, and with his help whipped up a simple concoction of flavorful options. Leigh Ann was shocked to find out that the pear mimosa is a personal favorite of his, and now hers! With the help of a few local shops she found everything she needed.

The Essentials:

This beautiful glass vase & arrangement of tulips are from Wealthy at Charles across the street from our Grand Rapids location, they have a wonderful array of home goods and garden fixtures. Owners Lenn and Michael were extremely helpful, and have such a fantastic selection of vases it was hard to choose just one! We can't wait til the garden is in full-bloom, it's one of our favorite spaces on Wealthy Street.

Give your guests a little luck with these sweet trinkets from our boutique! With earrings and rings starting at only $10 each it's easy to outfit an entire table of ladies. For added festivity cut a simple stand out of construction paper.

The printable, six-ingredient crepe recipe:

Pear Mimosa:

Looza Juice Drink, Pear - 33.8 fl oz
From concentrate. 150 calories per 8 fl oz serving, made in Belgium. Leigh found it at Martha's Vineyard and D&W, both only minutes from Wealthy St. Add Champagne, mix the two as desired to your personal taste (We like 2/3 champagne to 1/3 pear juice).


Garnish your crepes with fresh berries & melon, jams & jellies, syrups & honey for personalized flare. Even though these crepes are vegan and gluten free, they are also delicious with whipped toppings, powdered sugars and a side of corn beef hash if you're really in the holiday spirit!

May you have the 'luck of the stylish' this week, 



  • Leigh Ann Cobb

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