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An Easter Basket from Wealthy Street

  Easter is just around the corner, and what does that mean? Easter Baskets!  And we here at L&B were thinking "why do the kids get to have all the fun? let's do something for the adults as well!" With help from some of our awesome neighbors on Wealthy Street we put together the perfect Easter basket for the adults!

It just took a quick stroll down Wealthy St (anything to get us to our 10,000 steps right?!) to get all the basket goodies you see here:

Something Relaxing:  Start with some amazing Aveda travel products from Jeffrey Richard Salon located just across the street from our Grand Rapids store. While you are in there, be sure to check out all of the great services they offer. Our owner, Nikki, loves to pamper herself with all of their hair services :)
Here we have chosen Rosemary and Mint shampoo and lotion for its amazing smell; Massage lotion (perfect for a long day of Easter egg hunting with the kiddos), and Hand relief for dry hands (perfect for all the hand washing you will be doing after dyeing your Easter eggs).

Something Local (and edible!)  Maple syrup from Nourish Organic Market. Just down the street from Jeffrey Richard Salon, Nourish is one of our favorite places to stop to grab an organic deli sandwich for lunch, since some of our staff has vegan and gluten free diets, this place is great!  Here you will also find the seasonally-made Maple Syrup from Melody Bee in Ada that we think is a must for your basket.

You can add the Maple Syrup to your Easter Brunch by pairing it with fruit, granola, yogurt, squash or sweet potatoes or get creative with sauces and desert toppings!

Something Sweet:  Pink Moscato and a chocolate bunny from Art of the Table.  Of course we had to include some wine in this adult basket and what's Easter without a chocolate bunny? An added perk: The chocolate butter toffee bunny is locally made: much better than nibbling on whatever's hidden in those cheap plastic eggs out in the yard. Save those for the kids, this is how adults indulge!
Art of the Table is located the next block down from Nourish Organic. We love to purchase the wine for our events here as they have an awesome selection and are extremely helpful in finding exactly what you need (or something you didn't realize you needed)!

Something fun and unexpected:  Temporary tattoos from L&B. A play on something you would normally get for the kids, but these are for you. Perfect for your spring break or stay-cation, mix in a tat with your actual jewelry, add sparkle to your ankle, or have it peek through your distressed denim, this year it's a spring staple.

Add some Bling: Let the grown ups fight over these hidden gems: stud earrings and lockets!
We've taken some of our favorite ear studs and pushed them into glitter-covered styrofoam eggs. Now that's my kind of egg decor! Mix and match jewelry to create unique patterns that are sure to dazzle. You can find these eggs anywhere like Walgreens or CVS for a dollar.
Another option: Add some extra excitement to the mundane plastic Easter egg by throwing in some unexpected trinkets, like this key charm from L&B. There's tons of different lockets and charms to choose from.

Now let's put together the Basket!
Stuffing is messy, and we love when items have more than one use. This floral Tolani scarf always makes a great gift, and they make a fresh foundation in your basket. Be sure to place your items so they are all easily visible like we have here - there's an Easter stuffing you wouldn't want to get stored away til next year!

Not up for making an adult Easter basket? You can find tons of goodies for the kids at these Wealthy shops as well. Check out the basket we put together for the kids without all the sweets. Don't forget the sidewalk chalk: we love neighborhood art!

We hope you can use some of these tips in putting together your Easter baskets this year:  whether your pampering yourself, a family member, or a friend. Be sure to take a stroll down Wealthy street to check out all our neighbors, you won't regret it!  

Happy Easter to you and your family from Lee & Birch

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