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Hello, Hobo

If you love high quality hand bags and purses then you are probably already familiar with Hobo, but if you are just starting your collection then listen up: these guys are at the top of our lists. Here's why:

The fist Hobo bag was created on the kitchen table of Maryland native, Toni Ray in 1991. The original Hobo logo was inspired by those who live by their own rules and love to navigate life's journeys in style. The same year of it's creation, the Hobo bag shows it's first collection in NYC. It was an instant hit. 

 Hobo uses the finest quality leathers, carefully sorting & hand-cutting the hides purposefully showcasing distinctive, yet imperfect markings bestowed by nature. Over time their leathers become more lustrous, develop a rich patina that is the true hallmark of fine quality leathers.

 When Toni Ray retired her daughter Koren-Ray took over in 2004 she kept to the company motto, cool is when vintage meets modern, by continuing the legacy by carefully choosing from an array of fabulous leathers to get just the right look and feel for all their signature designs. And mother & daughter still live only two doors away from each other in Annapolis, how sweet!

Natural leather markings are like fingerprints, unique yet familiar, and always a trademark of one-of-a-kind leather, never man-made.

Sure, it looks good. But it feels even better. Come into one of our locations and see what your shoulder's been missing.

Hobo Pile!



  • Leigh Ann Cobb

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