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Meet the Team 2016

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Every summer our staff gets a little larger in preparation for the busy season, and we are excited to have some new & super talented  faces in store! We'd like to introduce you to the latest members of the L&B style team, as well as our seasonal summer interns, who are learning very quickly about retail! Here's a little about each new employee, feel free to test their knowledge in store! 


ELIZABETH - L&B Personal Stylist

Elizabeth is a wonderful addition to our team here in GR, she is always energetic and ready to work and she has an extremely natural ability to connect with customers! It's been great to have her here and we can't wait to see how she continues to grow!

Nicknames: Ebis, Liz

Places you've lived: All of them, lol? Honolulu Hawaii, Ft. Benning Georgia, Fort Bragg North Carolina, Lawton Oklahoma, Lark Hill England, Eglin Air Force Base Florida, Leavenworth Kansas, McBain Michigan, Mount Pleasant Michigan, & now Grand Rapids Michigan.

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Optimistic, Outgoing, Quirky

L&B Brands you can’t live without: PAIGE, KLD, Brightly Twisted, & Adorn

Favorite Season: Summer

Meal of Choice: BBQ Chicken, salad with a ton of veggies, watermelon, cheesecake and a beer :)

What do you love about being a personal stylist: EVERYTHING! I love being an expert in my field and being looked to for style guidance; I love helping women find something that makes them feel beautiful; I love trying new things together both on myself and others; I love that style can outwardly show your personality without you having to say a word.

Secret Talent: I can sing, but singing in front of people gives me serious anxiety.

Tell us about what you're wearing, what do you love about it:

I am wearing a pair of mid-rise verdugo Paige denim, a Weston crop lace overlay top, a white druzy necklace with an 'e' initial necklace, both by Adorn, and a layered wrap bracelet by Nakamol. Paige is my all-time favorite denim brand. The mid-rise hits my waistline in the perfect spot and they have just the right amount of stretch to fit my curvy lower body without stretching out as you wear them. I love how Weston collections have multiple pieces in the same 'family' that you can mix with other things or wear together. This top came with a matching pencil skirt that is beautiful and you could pair the 2 together, or wear the skirt with a more casual chambray shirt for example. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Adorn is a brand I love because I am a die hard fan of yellow gold as well as layering. Layering is something I truly embrace to get the most out of everything I own, while never wearing the exact same outfit twice. Adorn fits this perfectly as you can layer so many of their pieces to make the look your own, but they are also gorgeous on their own as a statement. Nakamol wrap bracelets are the simplest way to add glam to any look. This bracelet in particular has so many textures and materials in complimentary tones, so it's easy to pair with a simple outfit to tie everything together. This can truly be said about all of their lines as Nakamol pieces are so detailed and definitely spark conversation!

Noel - L&B Summer Intern

Noel comes to us from GVSU, she is currently finishing out her degree with this final internship and we couldn't be more excited to have her with us! She is eager to learn and is a total go-getter! She's willing to take on whatever task needs to be done and has great ideas to help us continue to stay fresh and new! Also she is always willing to get in front of the camera which is super helpful to our L&B photog, Leigh Ann!

Nicknames: Noelly

Places you've lived: Lived in Michigan my whole life! But studied abroad last year and lived in the Czech Republic for part of the summer!

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Genuine, outgoing and a little sassy 

L&B Brands you can’t live without: I have been obsessed with Veronica M lately, she has super cute but comfy clothes. I love KLD for their simple, yet sophisticated style. Lastly, Paige! Most comfortable and breathable material I have ever worn. Paige makes me feel confident, especially in a pair of their jeans.

Favorite Season: Fall

Meal of Choice: I worked at an Italian restaurant so I loveeeee Italian food. Pasta, pizza you name it!

What do you love about being a personal stylist: I wouldn't call myself a personal stylist just yet! I'm still learning A LOT. I like styling because I get to decide what I think looks good and what doesn't. It's a ton of fun pairing brands together! It's awesome when things you wouldn't normally put together work well in a way you wouldn't expect.

Secret Talent: I've been a black belt in karate for about 10 years!

Tell us about what you're wearing, what do you love about it: I unknowingly picked a complete Paige outfit haha. Like I said this brand makes me feel confident and comfortable. When I think of Paige I think quality. I'm also wearing a Hipanema bracelet, which I LOVE because it instantly gives you that "layered look" that is very in right now! So much work goes into each bracelet and it makes me appreciate the brand even more.


Vicky - L&B Personal Stylist

Vicky comes to us with years of retail experience and we are so lucky to have this kind, hard working lady as part of the L&B team! She has jumped right in and fits perfectly- just like that perfect pair of Denim she'll help you find here in Grand Haven!

Places I’ve lived: Upper and lower Michigan -home Spring Lake, as Dorothy says “there is no place like home!”

3 words to describe myself: Crazy dog lady ;)

LB brands can’t live without: Hudson jeans-just perfection in denim! Also Bella Dahl- Southern Cali comfort, feels amazing!

Favorite season: Summer, long sunny days and my favorite sandals, what more do you need!

Favorite meal: Sushi + nice glass of red wine = Happy girl!

What I love about being a stylist: Easy question, when I can help someone feel beautiful!

Secret talent: I can trip over thin air!

What I am wearing: Bella Dahl high/low tunic, easy breezy and beyond comfy. Leggings are Cotton Capris by Lysse, flattering on everyone and are as comfy as your favorite PJs! Long LB necklace and a Nakamol bracelet. I love this outfit!!!

Natalie - L&B Summer Intern

Natalie is our fabulous summer intern from Central Michigan and is eager to learn what it takes to run a boutique. She brings a lot of energy, spunk and her love of fashion to the team just in time for the busy summer season!

Nicknames: Nat

Places you've lived: San Francisco and Grand Rapids

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Short, sweet and a ball of fun

L&B Brands you can’t live without: Veronica M, Bella Dahl, and AG Jeans

Favorite Season: Summer

Meal of Choice: Any pasta dish

What do you love about being a personal stylist: Helping customers find an outfit that they love even if they did not come in looking for it! Seeing someone leave happy is very rewarding!

Secret Talent: I can't divulge that sort of information ; )

Tell us about what you're wearing, what do you love about it?
 Veronica M Chanel Halter dress with a Dex cardi. I love Veronica M because it is an easy brand for summer; it does not wrinkle and the bold prints are so fun! I love being able to layer a light cardi over my summer dresses, being in GH makes it a staple for chilly nights!





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