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  • Leigh Ann Cobb

Earth Day, Every Day

In reflection of Earth Day we wanted to share a few tips with you on how to care for your clothes in a more earth conscious way, and the surprising thing is how easy it is to make a difference...

1. Keep it cool. When you do the wash, set your washer to "cold" to save energy and help your clothes last longer. Switching from hot water to cold or warm can prevent 500 pounds of CO2 every year from entering the atmosphere. That's the same energy as 30 minute blow dry twice a week for a year. So you can proudly ask for that blow out during your next haircut!


2. When you can, skip the dryer. Line drying your clothes for just six months out of the year can eliminate up to 700 pounds of greenhouse gases annually. That's the same energy as driving a Prius 1,800 miles which would be quite the roadtrip (Spring Break Y216, anyone?) Also hanging your clothes to dry looks super chic and European!


  • Leigh Ann Cobb

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