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LAmade Zingo Scarf

Born in Los Angeles in 2004, LAmade has and continues to be the embodiment of Southern California style. Using only the best fabrics, in a large array of colors and prints, LAmade is the “must have” brand to compliment every closet. And keeping with that mantra the LAmade Zingo scarf is on the top of our list of versatile must-haves of the season. We had our summer intern, Morgan, grab a Zingo in Reef and show us a few ways you can utilize this super-soft jersey knit at home or abroad!

1. Simple Wrap Scarf

This is the most straight-forward way to wear a large scarf like the Zingo, and requires very little practice to master. Spiral the scarf around your neck and tuck the two long ends as desired for an effortless way to update a T-shirt and Jeans.

2. Knotty Neck Tie

This design requires a little more practice, but ultimately you want to fold the scarf in half (long ways) before draping it around you neck. Then thread the two ends through the loop and tie it. Allow the ends to cascade down, offset the tie to the side to avoid adding extra bulk to the bust.

3. Draped Damsel

This chic sheath is made by tying two opposite corners together and wrapping twice around the neck, concealing the knotted section and then strutting down the boulevard!

Dex Scoop Neck Tee | Hudson Nico Skinnys

4. Beauty Blanket

The jersey knit is perfect for long flights or campfire nights as a glam blanket! Pair with your favorite flannel and cropped denim for a polished, cozy look.

Bella Dahl Seaside Plaid | Hudson Muse Indie Crop

5. Shawl Around Style

Add pizazz to any plain 'ol dress by draping this shawl over your shoulders and tying both loose ends under your arm, behind your back for an infinity scarf-look. It's the perfect lightweight alternative to a cardigan, and you can adjust how much skin you want to show!

Bishop & Young Slip Dress | Nakamol Bracelets

6. Knot a Scarf Pant

Everyone can make a scarf into a poolside sarong- but you will turn heads with these harem pants! This construction is a little more involved, but the end result is awesomely effortless-looking. Place the scarf long ways between your legs, tie the loose ends up to your hips and add knots down the sides as needed for length.

Bobi Crop Top

7.  Twist & Tie Affair

Skill Level: Advanced. For this scarf design and more ways to wear it please visit us in store! But hurry, because these scarves are going fast!

Goorin Bros Mrs. Davis hat | Nakamol Bracelets



  • Leigh Ann Cobb

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