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Meet Our New Team Members

With the transition into summer we've taken on a few new team members! Although these ladies are new to the shop, they are very familiar with the quality and style that comes with the L&B name. Get to know a little more about these new faces, and what makes them so special...

Grand Rapids newbies ^^

 Amanda, Grand Rapids Personal Stylist / Style Team Member

Amanda comes to us from a prolific background in fashion and boutiques such as Anthropologie, Akira, & Michael Kors. She is new to the GR area, but is already finding all the best the city has to offer. If you're looking for things to do in New York or Chicago while shopping she is your go-to gal to find the best outfit to fit your adventure!

Nicknames: Bunny, Mans, Renner

Places you've lived: San Diego (hometown,) NYC, Miami, Chicago, Berlin, and GR!

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Caring, Loving, Giving

Brands you can’t live without: Rebecca Taylor (i love floral!) Paige (Best denim by far!) and Equipment (the PERFECT silk blouse)

Favorite Season: Fall. Fashion's best season!

Meal of Choice: ANYTHING MEXICAN- I blame California :)

What do you love about being a personal stylist: I've always loved the people the most. Everyone has a different quirk to their style, a different story, and a different passion. I try to dig a little deeper with my clients and develop a relationship based around more than clothes. I believe that everyone should FEEL as good as they LOOK.

Secret Talent: Hoola Hooping- I can do it for hours.

Amanda is wearing the Veronica M hi-Low Wrap Shirt | Lace Kimono | Goorin Bros Floppy Hat | Serefina necklace

 Morgan, Summer Intern

Morgan comes to us for the summer from Central Michigan University, and is in her final semester of earning degrees in both Broadcasting & Fashion. This jack-of-all-trades has modeled, designed our recent window display and helps the ladies in studio during our photoshoots. If you see her in shop take her style advice, she knows what she's talking about!

Nicknames: Moe, Skevz, Morgs, Smorgs

Places you've lived: Oklahoma, Florida & Michigan

3 Words to Describe Yourself:
 Outgoing, laid back & athletic

L&B Brands You Can’t Live Without (and why)Gypsy, because I love the the dip dyed dresses.

Favorite Season: Summer because I like to spend my time being on a lake with my friends.

Meal of Choice: Anything with seafood

What do you love about being a personal stylist: I like giving my advice when it's wanted to complete a look. I like to wear things that a lot of people would never think to put together, showing someone more ways and options to wear something.

Secret Talent: I can "belly roll" very well.

Morgan is wearing the new Veronica M Jumper | Hipanema bracelet | Serefina necklace

Grand Haven Newbies ^^

Kelly, Grand Haven Style Team Member

Kelly is a full-time teacher, but even though she's only part time at L&B, that doesn't mean she's not a full-time fashionista! This long-time shopper turned L&B Stylist knows more about our brands than most, since she's been following them for years. When she's not teaching Pre-K at Mary A White elementary, she's here helping women find their best denim fit and new favorite brands in store!

Places you've lived: Spring Lake, Detroit, Farmington Hills, East Lansing, Lansing, and Owosso

3 Words to Describe Yourself: fun, caring, and loving.

L&B brands you can’t live without: Bobi because they are my go to for basics, Kut jeans because of the awesome fit and Dex for their fun, versatile tops. 

Favorite Season: Fall- I love the changing colors!

Meal of choice: Hibachi. 

What do you love about being a personal stylist: I love helping customers find the perfect outfit to fit their lifestyle or event. 

Secret Talent: Teaching young minds.

Kelly is wearing the Dex Crochet Trim Top | Nakamol Double wrap bracelet

Addison, Grand Haven Style Team Member

Addison is a senior at Hope College about to earn a bachelors in both Social Work & Psychology. When she's not hitting the books she's schooling us on how to accessorize in the shop. She loves to help find that special-occasion outfit, and loves to dress up!

Nickname: Addi

Places you've lived: Kalamazoo, Spring Lake and Holland (all in Michigan)

3 words to describe me: fun-loving, adventurous and compassionate.

L&B brands I can't live without: I love Bobi because that includes all of my favorite go-to comfy clothes. Bella Dahl is another brand that I'm always looking forward to L&B getting in, it's always super cute and you can dress down or up almost all of their pieces. Last but not least, DL1961 denim, the first denim that fits me just right and I can't seem to get enough of! 

My favorite season: my favorite season would have to be summer. I love Michigan summers and my favorite way to spend my time is out boating on the lake in the sunshine.

Meal of choice: Anything Mexican!!

What I love about being a personal Stylist: I've had a lot of fun getting to know the L&B brands better and being able to help customers find exactly what they're looking for. During this spring and summer season we've had a lot of customers looking for dresses and outfits for graduations and weddings and that has been so great being able to help find them the perfect outfit for such special events!

Secret talent: I'm still working on discovering that :)

Addi is wearing the new Veronica M Printed Halter Tank | Lat & Lo Necklace

Leigh Ann, Manager of Marketing and Photography

Leigh Ann is used to being behind the camera,  but she stepped into the light to answer a few questions. She has been with us for 6 months to help build the L&B brand and if you ever want to make her smile, just "like" or "share" our posts on Facebook or Instagram, she loves to see the impact of her work!

Nicknames: LA, but my mug at Brewery Vivant lovingly reads "Leighannderthal," due to my love of history.

Places you've lived: North Branch: a small village on the East side of the state is where I grew up, but I relocated to GR for school nearly a decade ago & never left! Although the travel bug keeps me from being in one place for too long.

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Ambitious, creative ... & clumsy.

L&B brands you can’t live without: I LOVE my Bella Dahl tunic, it's so soft and wrinkle-resistant for travel, and my black Paige Denim skinnys- they go with everything!

Favorite Season: Summer. I'm a June-Baby. But I love the beach anytime of the year.

Meal of Choice: If it's aged, fermented or pickled I'm all over it.

What do you love about being a photographer/designer: Always working with new challenges- whether they be new clients, clothing brands, shoot locations or marketing campaigns, I'm all about trying new things and meeting new people!

Secret Talent: I can tell you what time the sun sets every evening; always striving to grab that golden light!

LA is wearing Bella Dahl Fallen Stitch Shirt Dress | Bourbon & Boweties Bangle

  • Leigh Ann Cobb

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