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L&B Beach Bum

Nothing says summer more than going to the beach. It's definitely on my (and I’m sure everyone else’s) to-do list on days off. Here's a few inspirational looks for your next beach-y adventure!

Outfit No.1: First is the “Boho Goddess” look that has me dreaming of an extravagant getaway to the beaches of Cali. But hey, if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with that dream, then at least you can dress the part with this super comfortable and easy outfit.

“Boho Goddess” Details: Language tie-back tee ($98), Black Orchid denim shorts ($89), gold aviator sunglasses ($12),  Egold necklace ($24), Andante gold necklace ($24) and Khloe gold necklace ($20)

Outfit No.2: Next is the “Simply Nautical” look which is great for pretending you just stepped off your glamorous yacht and are enjoying a day on land for once with the locals (unless you really did, then shoot, no need to pretend).

“Simply Nautical” Details: Greylin navy shirtdress ($128) & Zad coral necklace ($24)

Outfit No.3: Last is the “Classically Casual” look for those of us who aren’t about getting dolled up for a sticky day at the beach, yet want something easy and simple while still looking great. Plus, despite the simplicity we all know this is a huge step up from the touristy oversized T-Shirt that leads people to question if you even have pants on...

“Classically Casual” Details: Red Bobi pocket tee ($42), Kut pleated trouser shorts ($54) and Chevron gold necklace ($76)

Hopefully I’ll be seeing all of you lovely beach goers in soon at the L&B in Grand Haven to find your perfect beach bum look!

- Shelby

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    Nicole Gillette
  • beach weardeniminternleeandbirchpersonal styleshelby

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