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Road Trippin'

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

Welcome to my second blog post, “Road Trippin’!” With summer winding down, I knew I was running out of time for a classic summer road trip. Thankfully I was able to make a “quick” 10 hour drive to Tennessee with my best friend for a few days.

On any road trip you want to be prepared for any/all traveling situations and it’s always smart to pack light (that way you can shop if need be)! On this trip I focused my styling mostly on accessories as it frees up suitcase space and jewelry can be easily worn with any basics!

Outfit No. 1: Weston Wear Deana Printed Dress ($144), KUT Vixen Vegan Leather Jacket ($84), Clock Necklace ($28) and Brown Leather/Metal Bracelet ($16)

You’ll notice I lean toward comfort and traveling versatility (i.e. pieces for being in the car for hours on end, sight seeing threads, styles for grabbing dinner, etc.). And as always, you have to have options for any sort of crazy weather scenarios! I chose short-sleeved tops that can quickly be transformed into nightwear with a jacket or cardigan.

Outfit No. 2:  (Accessories Only) Brown Cross Bracelet ($14), Silver Arrow Earrings ($12), Gold Beaded Ring ($8) and Aviator Sunglasses ($12)

When traveling simplicity is key, and the chances of you meeting new people are definite . Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan out your trip to make an impression and bring along those versatile staple items! And remember, basics and accessories mean more room for the most important styling piece… SHOES!

Outfit No. 3: KUT Sweet Denim Jacket ($82), Bobi Jersey Basic Tank ($24), KUT Mia Toothpick Pant ($82), Gold Spiked Necklace ($16) and Nicole Lee Dreah Striped Shoulder Bag ($72)

Happy Road Trippin’ ladies!

- Maria VM

(Wardrobe photos taken at the Loretta Lynn Ranch by Chelsea Wright)

  • Author avatar
    Nicole Gillette
  • deniminternleeandbirchmariaroad triptomboy

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