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A Mid Century Mod Shoot

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Hey there L&B lovelies, 

My name is Paige and I'm the L&B social media manager. For those of you who follow our Insta stories, you've probably laid eyes on me before :) I have what I consider one of the coolest jobs at L&B which includes taking weekly product shoots for our social media pages, blogs, website and more!  

Last week I decided to switch things up and instead of taking product photos in one of our stores, my trusty "assistant" Kate and I ventured to Nikki's house (L&B founder/owner). OMG, we will definitely be shooting here again - so many cool prints and patterns to use as backdrops!!! More on that later... Or just scroll down to the bottom of this blog now to check out how cool this mid century modern-esque house is :)

My goal for the shoot: show off the new product while keeping in mind both the style of Lee & Birch as well as add some personal touches... such as Nikki’s sweet pup that you may remember as #poshpudge and/or her daughter Gracie's artwork featured on the walls!

Here's a "behind the scenes" look at some of the product & pics we will be featuring (or have already) on our social media accounts -  as well as some behind the scenes pics of Nikki's house because I just had to share... 

Here are a few of my favorite earring shots that include a trend you must hop on board with for the summer = tassels!  Especially when these are all $18 and under! Plus what a great way to add color to your outfit in a subtle way?! Not to mention they are super lightweight.


We tried really hard not to make a mess of Nikki's house, but by the end we were had bags and shoes everywhere that is! ;)

btw:  Totally drooling over this tile floor...   And this new Hobo cross body purse...  

Loving the play on colors with our go-to Sorel Nadia Buckle Sandal in olive ($175) in front of the fun, bright artwork!


FAVORITE ALERT!!   This is seriously my favorite new Hobo style!!  And not just mine: Nikki and several other L&B stylists already own it and use it DAILY (It's already been to Paris and back with Nikki)  Hobo backpack- Black: $268.00 


Now just a few behind the scenes of the house...  and of course, Pudgy...!

I spy a masterpiece by Gracie on the far right bottom corner!

Let's just say Pudgy really wanted to be in the shoot! 

By the end of the day Posh Pudge was surprisingly styled out... a feeling we all can relate to after a good day of shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this quick look into the magic behind a product shoot (and a sneak peek of Nikki's home)!   For more behind the scenes, be sure to check out our insta & Facebook feeds!

Drop a comment below to let us know what you would like to see more of & we will be back with new content soon!


Paige ( i.e. Lee & Birch Social Media Manager)


 P.S.- All of these pieces are currently available in-store (shoes available online now) and I am  happy to help over Instagram, Facebook, or one of our stylists can help in-store or over the phone ! 



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